Custard aka Paul Mayes is a DJ/Producer of a broad spectrum of electronic music from trance, hard house and psy to electro, funky, progressive house and techno. Whether it's new or old, classic or banging, funky or fizzy, or all of the above, as long as it's awesome it'll get played or produced.

Up until November 2012 Paul was a resident DJ at the top word of mouth event Planet Angel for three years. Although he's taking a well earned break from his residency you'll still see him regularly pounding the Planet Angel dance floors with his up front and classic party style. Over the last 10 years he has played for many promotions such as Raindance, Vaccine at the Gallery, Extreme Euphoria, Innovate, Tidy, Spangulation, Addiction and Odyssey. He's also been featured twice on The Viceroy's Sunday Come Down show on Rise FM.

In the studio he currently has two projects on the go; 'The Nexus 3' with Tequila Slammer and the melody master Danalogue, co-producing uplifting original trance tracks released on Discover Records; His second project is 'The Payoff Brothers' also with Tequila Slammer where they take old techno trance and hard house classics and bring them bang up-to-date, in whatever style that takes their fancy, you can download them here.

'The Nexus 3' has their first trance release 'State of Wonder' coming up in time for the summer of 2011 on one of the UK's top trance labels, Discover Records, and is featured on the 'Global Trance UK' compilation mixed by their top artists SlyOne vs Jurrane... Go to for the full track listing and order your copy of 'Global Trance UK'. Check out this preview of the compilation.

In the past
Although currently on the back burner one of Paul's biggest ventures was promoting his own party 'Boundless' with co-promoter and Planet Angel resident Jurrane at the now legendary Soundshaft.

As well as running their own party Boundless featured as the second room for Nick Sentience and Niki S's Innovate event at the Fridge and Tidy vs Xtreme Euphoria at London's legendary Heaven super club. The ethos behind Boundless reflected Paul and Jurrane's passion for music and was designed as a springboard for London's (mostly) unknown talent, giving them the opportunity to play alongside more established stars. Boundless helped bring some fantastic talent to peoples attention including Alan Banks and Matt Lock and has boasted top UK guest DJs such as SlyOne, Ian Betts, Anthony Dean, Ehren Stowers, Lizzie Curious and Lee Haslam.

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